On Wednesday afternoon a group of us went out into the blazing sun to share the gift of music at a drop-in center for the homeless, one of the Maricopa County detention centers, and Glencroft senior center. It was by far the most moving thing I did. Especially at the detention center, where we sang the timeless words of the Magnificat — From the halls of power to the fortress tower not a stone will be left on stone — outside the walls of a literal prison. And despite the heat, I felt chills up my spine as we sang, “If you believe and I believe and we together pray / The Holy Spirit must come down and set God’s people free!”

The words took on a new meaning for me that day. Even if it was difficult to see the impact our presence might have had, especially at the prison, I knew God was speaking both to us and to the people inside the walls. An unexpected audience, at least for me, was the corrections officers exiting the building very near to where we were singing. I prayed that our message would touch at least one heart among that group, too.

Thank you for arranging this experience for us, and many thanks to Kay Shue for pulling us together in a very short amount of time.

Andrea Zuercher is a member of Peace Mennonite in Lawrence, KS.