Is your youth group gearing up for Phoenix? We sure hope so. To help you prepare, we’ve got some great Bible studies full of thought-provoking questions, brief meditations and activities that will help get you thinking about what it means to be “Citizens of God’s Kingdom: Healed in Hope.”

Photo for BlogJustin Heinzekehr, the author of the Bible studies, writes:

“We offer the following Bible studies to you as tools to help prepare your group for the gathering in Phoenix 2013. The theme of convention is “Citizens of God’s Kingdom: Healed in Hope.” Each Bible study uses one of the convention’s chosen Bible passages to deepen our understanding of this theme. Each week, there is also a hands-on activity that explores a certain aspect of the theme, as well as a weekly “challenge” that allows the youth to explore these ideas on their own between meetings.

Of course, these are meant only as helpful tools, and you need not follow every detail. Some discussions and activities may work better for some groups than others, so feel free to use portions of these Bible studies, or mix them together in different ways. Depending on the maturity of your group, the youth themselves may have ideas that take the theme in a different direction. The goal is really to get us started thinking about the themes that will appear at convention so that we can jump into the experience at Phoenix.

As you prepare for this important event, remember that you are joining youth groups and congregations across the country, reading the same texts and thinking about the same themes. It’s often easy to imagine that our churches exist as isolated units, and one of the great things about convention is that it shows us that we are not alone. In fact, we are connected in a network of relationships that stretches across the country and around the world. We are all citizens of God’s kingdom!”

These bible studies were written specifically for the 2013 Phoenix convention and are no longer available.