My first convention was Atlanta ’03 and I was nervous and excited as to what to expect; and coming from a small town to big city.  That year we had a small group of 5 girls and our youth pastor.  I knew after the opening service-with speaker Jimmy Carter, amazing music, and energy-it was going to be a great week of experiencing God in new ways.

Since that first year, I had new energy of wanting to share and embrace my faith.  I have grown so much in my faith journey since high school and attending conventions has played a part in that journey.

After going to Atlanta and Charlotte as a youth, I wanted to become a part of convention.  I had the opportunity to be a youth sponsor to San Jose and then be on staff at Pittsburgh.  It was Pittsburgh where I had the chance to view the affect on the youth.  Seeing them worship, embrace, be challenged, and grow in their faith while having fun and meeting new/connecting with old friends.  The excitement is everywhere-from the worship center, dining hall, college booths, and hotels-it is a sight that can’t be missed; and only at convention can you see thousands of Mennonites make an impression on a city.

For me convention has given me challenges I bring back to my everyday life and living a life for God.  I continue to read 2 Corinthians 5 from last year and I hold the words of being an ambassador of Christ to those around me, building bridges to (the) cross.  I hope to be a part of Phoenix as the convention experience is moving and unique.