EricRasyidiEric Rasyidi is a member of Maranatha Christian Fellowship in Northridge, Calif.


Convention has been a wonderful opportunity to learn about Mennonite beliefs, missions, and people! When we started attending convention in 2007, I never would have thought that so many projects and people from the Mennonite organization would come into our local church ministry. We have shared projects with DOOR, Mennonite Church USA, Mennonite Mission Network, as well as held conference meetings and celebrations in our sanctuary. I am very grateful for the wonderful hospitality, warmth, and strong faith these conventions instill in all of us. With the messages received from convention, we are able to gather a better sense of what we need to do to help our community beyond just our church.


Convention has also been a time of prayer and reflection. Prayer for our communities, prayer for understanding, and most importantly, prayer of love for our neighbors. It has given me time to reflect on personal goals to see if they are aligned with what God’s purpose for me has been.


With Kansas ’15 fast approaching, I am so excited to fellowship with friends and members that I have met over the years, as well as learn more about what missions and goals are planned for us all.