Stella KC2015-01If you happened to attend convention in Phoenix, you may have seen a little trendy dove flying around, with a cactus blossom in her mouth.


That dove is Stella, and she’s back with a redesigned look for Kansas City. To celebrate the city’s long history as a hot spot for jazz, Stella’s standing up and tweeting her Menno pride with a saxophone.


Every Wednesday (starting today, March 12), we want you to share your Stella pride with us: Print her out and carry her with you wherever you go. Snap a photo with her and share it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, using the hashtags #MennoGram and #MennoCon15.


Each Thursday morning, we’ll select some of our favorite snapshots to share on our website, and if you get really lucky, your photos might even be featured in a pre-worship video at convention in Kansas City.


Share away!


—Printable PDF Stella


You can check out some of Stella’s past flights here and in this video.