stellaMeet Stella. Stella is gearing up for convention in Phoenix this summer, and wants to join you all, too, as you prepare to come to convention in July.

Each Wednesday until convention, we want you to show us your Menno-pride. You can download and print out a copy of Stella here. Feel free to customize her in any way that you see fit. Cut Stella out and carry her around with you, and on Wednesdays, take a snapshot of Stella living life with you. You can upload your snapshot to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, but be sure to use the hashtags #Mennogram and #Phoenix13. If you need inspiration, you can check out this website for Flat Stanley (similar idea) or check out our photo stream on Instagram (@mennocon). Stella’s been a busy traveler already!

Each Wednesday, we’ll watch for the most popular photos – those with the  most likes and comments – and we’ll feature them on our website the following Thursday. In addition, your snapshots could find their way into a video countdown before opening worship on Monday July 1.

We want Stella to journey with you as you gear up for convention 2013! So pack her in your suitcase and bring her along to opening worship.

We can’t wait to see what your creative Menno-brains will come up with!