“I’m not in love with how I worship but in who I worship.” – Esdras Ferreras from Tuesday morning worship.

Truer words I’ve not hear spoken when it comes to Mennonites and our diversity in worship preferences. As Esdras finished that sentence, the resonance within the crowd was palpable. We all felt it within our soul… he was right, and it spoke to everyone in that room that could either be uncomfortable with the styles of musical expression or even those who love the worship chosen for us, but know that even our favorite has its limitations. We are limited because there are no words that truly can express what the Spirit longs to say… sing.

Thank you Esdras for grounding us and reminding us that it’s not in the how, but in Who You Are, Lord. That’s why we’re here, we’re committed to this work and to each other, and to growing in knowing You more.

Janet Treviño-Elizarraraz
Mennocon Commentator