Kehr Bryan

Bryan Kehr is the women’s soccer coach and a member of the Athletic Department at Hesston College.

This summer, we have the opportunity to worship with the larger Mennonite church with worship opportunities greater than those of the local congregation. We will be able to lift many voices in song to worship our Creator, whose love is greater than what we can imagine.

As a youth, I was transformed by the worship and instruction from convention speakers. As a youth sponsor, I was tired to the bone at the end of convention, but filled with wonder at our youth’s experience.

As the spouse of a delegate and church pastor, I was able to attend convention without the responsibility of being a delegate. I was able to take seminars, worship and sit in on meetings when I wanted. These convention experiences provided a welcome week of regeneration and relaxation.

At Phoenix 2013, I served as a volunteer in the Exhibit Hall, and this year I will be in charge of the recreation area. I look forward to the following opportunities this summer:

  • Worshiping and singing together. I experience deep joy during adult and youth worship; we also get to hear gifted speakers reflect on the themes of Luke 24. I am excited to hear the resurrection and Emmaus road stories again with fresh insight.
  • Providing youth from many locations the opportunity to socialize and relax in a positive atmosphere. Ping pong, table games, SHARBADE, giant Dutch Blitz (led by Bluffton University), volleyball, basketball, futsal, and giant Jenga are just a few of the opportunities provided to interact.
  • Catching up with old friends. Conventions have often been a chance to sit down and eat a meal or just talk with friends from college, San Antonio, Goshen and other places we have lived.
  • Making new friends. Convention always provides the opportunity to fellowship with new friends at tables and in worship.
  • Enjoying coffee houses and late-night performances. I look forward to great music and entertainment.

As the convention nears, I pray for the work of the Holy Spirit to guide our denomination in the processing of our convention agenda, and for a transforming work among the adults and young adults of the church. May our gathering together yield fruit that is greater than our expectations.