Scott Roth wants to see everyone engaging God and their local community. He has lived in urban and rural settings and seen the suburban sprawl. Living in Red Hill, Pennsylvania, he and his wife, son, daughter and two basset hounds have been walking this faith journey by actively engaging their suburban community. Scott is currently fulfilling many different roles as project manager for Urban Expression North America, developing a non-profit bicycle shop, community gardens, counseling center, robotics clubs, various civic/community events, thrift shops for Red Hill. He also engages in one-on-one ministry coaching in his spare time. He is an associate pastor at Perkiomenville Mennonite Church and executive conference minister of Eastern District Conference.  He has a passion for writing, speaking, video games, fishing and bicycles.

Love is a verb. Creating a theme that is focused around the act of love totally got me stoked! Let’s be real, many of us are tired of watching the church move and do things that are “cool.” I often wonder, are we doing these things a loving manner?

Recently I have be wrestling with the mixture of our faith and our deeds. When Christ tells us that we are to LOVE God with all our hearts, soul and mind plus says to LOVE people as ourselves, it creates a very powerful combination.

Yet so many times I find myself and others doing these things exclusively and not in motion together.

See, many people go into their prayer closets, do their morning devotions or meditate and commune with God alone. We also many times see acts of service happen, but there is no real God component to them. Sure we do a good deed and follow the command let’s say to feed the poor. The poor get fed, but will they know it was Jesus through us that made that happen?

Later Jesus tells us that we are to make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Wow! Now it makes sense to me. Do you see it?

Do you see how when we LOVE God and LOVE people in concert, with each action something is created? It is discipleship.

One cannot make a disciple by just loving God, nor can it be by just loving your people. It has to be together. This coming convention in Orlando, I am looking forward to exploring this concept with everyone I meet. I want to see an explosion in disciples coming from Orlando 2017! In spite of all the other stuff going on in our world, we get this chance to descend upon Orlando (forget I am a Disney junkie for a moment) and interact with God with extended Mennonite family. We get to stand together and gear up to go LOVE. I don’t mean just love God or just love people, but to put them together.

I am stoked, I said it before. Daily in my life I am working on this formula for Love God + Love People. Recently I have been interacting with a post college student (Jimmy, a believer) and a high school student (Johnny, not a believer) as we turn wrenches at Bike and Sol. Jimmy and I were having a deep discussion about something related to God and then Johnny started chiming in. Now on the surface this is not that big of a deal, yet I know that Johnny would have never talked about God or anything with us a year ago. You see, day by day loving on Johnny as he would come and volunteer in our shop and sharing my life and my walk with God openly with him made — something happened! A reaction is forming as we love Johnny while we love God. Mixing the two creates some power mojo!

Okay so get to Orlando! I want to see what God will do with you and your church.  Your eklesia, the community you engage God with. See, in the end it’s us and Him.  Let’s go to Orlando, get equipped, interact with God and our peeps and BOOM — explode into some serious ministry by Loving God and People in concert to make disciples. In the end we can’t be selfish about our amazing LORD! It doesn’t matter where you are at in your faith walk. Convention always has this way of drawing out the toxins in our life and giving us a freshness with others. This is the space where communities can thrive in Him. See you in Orlando!