“Coming from Southern California, I was excited to see another part of the United States and it was interesting to see the similarities and differences other Mennonites had compared to our group. You know what? We were a lot more alike than I thought. The music [at worship] gets your heart racing. I still remember the messages the wonderful speakers gave, and the overall sense of God’s presence during my time there. It is a wonderful time to bond as a youth group; and to share with each other how we are feeling in a way that we sometimes do not have the time to do at home.”


“It’s a chance to meet other awesome Mennonites and bond with the ones you already know.”


“I think that Columbus 2009 gave my youth group the opportunity to bond, to get out of California for a while and explore a new place. The messages were fresh and exciting, the music was enthusiastic and inspiring, and Columbus was a great environment. I look forward to Pittsburgh and the opportunities is holds!”