We took 13 youth to Pittsburgh in 2011 and it was purely inspirational to all of us.  Our group session after the main session was in a secluded hallway of the convention center and was valuable and meaningful to us.  When we returned from the convention, there was a new bond and fresh resolve to make all our lives count for good.

A month later, at Beaver Camp, we held a baptismal service at the lake during our church retreat.  What a joyous day that was for our community.  Their testimonies were honest and genuine.  I am teary-eyed even now thinking about it.  With previous struggles as a congregation, this group of young people led us down a new road of encouragement and edification.  We have committed to make certain we extend the same opportunity to our Jr. Youth who are ready to step up to the experience.  It has changed our congregation in a positive, valuable way.