Mountain States Mennonite Conference is delighted to announce the three winners of the Anabaptist Songwriting Challenge.  The jury met Feb. 14 and selected (in no particular order):

Linda Dalke, “Drawn In, Sent Out”
Jeremy Kempf, “True Evangelical Faith”
Patrick Ressler, “Camina Conmigo (Walk with Me)”


Additionally the jury’s top ten included:

Dennis Graber “Isn’t It Time”

Nathan Greiser, “Made for Love”

Eric Shenk, “Peace Psalm”

Sadie Gustafson-Zook “You are the Love”

Leo Hartshorn, “The Bread of Life”

Judy Mink & Reuben Budiardja, “I Hope in You”

Grace Delp, “We Will Overcome”

Some of our winning songs will be showcased at Kansas City 2015, as well as included in a digital songbook on the Anabaptist Songwriting Challenge before June 1st.

Blessings from our Planning Committee: Herm Weaver, Jaime Lazaro, Mary Sprunger-Froese, Rhoda Blough, Tory Doerksen and Vern Rempel.  This project was funded and supported by SEED (Outreach and Development Ministry of MSMC) and the Fransen Family Foundation.