Photo Hannah KaethlerHannah was born in Canada and is attending Bethany Christian High School in Indiana. She is a very energetic person and lives life to the fullest. In her free time, Hannah likes playing sports and playing piano and violin.

Convention to me, up until this year, was that one week in the summer when my sister and dad were gone, and I got my room and my mom all to myself. I remember my sister would come home exhausted, happy, and with a ton of stories to tell about people she had met or things she had done. I was always like, “Good for you, you did something else that’s interesting that I still have to wait to do until I’m older.” Oh the joys of being in middle school, right? But now it’s my turn for all of the fun, and I cannot wait.

I have heard so many amazing stories from my youth group, friends from school and family about convention. They talk about people that they met, people who they are really good friends with even now, almost two years later. They talk about things that people said in worship services that completely changed their lives. They talk about workshops that they found interesting, or maybe not interesting, but none the less, gave them ideas and things to think about related to their faith. Everything I have heard about convention is amazing.

I asked my sister what I should be looking forward to this year in Kansas City, and her response was “Worship services all the way.” Now I’m all into worship services, I love them, but I had always thought of convention as more of a social event – getting to know new people and all of that fun stuff. But this made me think. What do I want from convention? Do I want to get to know God more or build  better and stronger relationships with people? Thankfully, I won’t have to decide between the two, because they are equally important. But to me, that’s just another upside of convention, and that’s just another reason I’m pumped for it.

From all of the experiences I’ve heard about, I get more and more excited about convention as it gets closer and closer. I think that this year’s convention in Kansas City is going to be an amazing and life-changing experience for everyone who goes. I hope it is for everyone, and once again, I can’t wait!