Carol Epp, Mennonite Church USA convention planning.Registration for convention opens this Thursday, January 15. In case you missed them in our most recent newsletter, here are some tips and tricks from our in-house registration expert, Carol Epp. Happy registering! 

Prior to Jan. 15, download the registration booklet, which will help you gather all the information you need before registering online. Check out our handy budget worksheet to help you plan for the costs of convention for your group.

Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 15, at 10 a.m. Eastern Time, you can access the registration portal. On the first page of the registration system, you will be asked to enter and verify your e-mail address and choose one of these registration “tracks”: Adult/Delegate; Junior Youth/Junior Youth Sponsor; Youth and Youth Sponsor; or Children. All contact sponsors (for both high school and junior high youth) need to register themselves before registering other members of their group.

The online registration form is divided into five sections:

Personal information

Please take care to enter all personal information accurately. The more accurate your registration information is, the less likely it is that you will need to stand in a long line during the registration process upon arriving at convention.
Please note that our system will print your name on your name badge exactly as you have entered it, and we can’t correct typos on site.
Also, staff members who are planning the children’s program need accurate information to assign children to specific age- and grade-level groups.

Registration, meals and other options

In this section, you can register for meal plans and other special events and activities at convention.

  • Be sure to review the list of special events and activities prior to registering. There will be opportunities to take trips off site during learning experience sessions on Friday, to participate in servant projects throughout the city, and to spend an evening at the Worlds and Oceans of Fun amusement park. You will have to register for each of these special events separately, so be sure you know whether your group wants to participate prior to registering.
  •  If you are purchasing meals, be sure to indicate before June 1 whether you have special dietary needs: vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten-free, etc. No matter how much we would like to do so, we can’t make those changes once you have arrived on site. If you do forget to indicate dietary needs when registering, you can log back in and change those preferences any time prior to June 1.

Scholarship Fund

We want anyone who wants to come to be able to attend convention! You and your congregation are invited to give a tithe or help raise funds for delegates, adults and youth of all ages who may not be able to attend KC2015 without additional financial assistance. Contributions can be made:

  • online: Under “Designate funds for specific project,” please note “KC2015 Scholarship Fund.”
  • on the convention registration form (beginning Jan. 15)
  • by check via mail to Mennonite Church USA, 718 N. Main St., Newton KS 67114-1703 (write “KC2015 Scholarship Fund” on the check’s memo line)

We will distribute your donations, which will help cover registration costs, based on need. Thank you!

Checkout and payment

On this page, you enter your credit card information and make a payment of at least $229 per person (for adults and youth). Advice that will save you time and frustration:

  • Mark the “pay by check” option after one or more participants have been registered; this will confirm and save your registration. Then you can enter the system again and register the next participant. After you’ve registered everyone, you will still be able to pay by credit card if that is your preference. This may sound like a pain, but it’s better than entering a whole youth group and getting interrupted or logged out before making a payment and having to re-enter all of the unsaved information. Note: It does mean that you will need to select the option to “change your registration” after entering each participant’s information.
  • Please make sure your account is paid in full before June 1. This will make your registration process much easier when you arrive in Kansas City.

Beware: the registration form has not been saved until your registration is confirmed. After it has been confirmed, you can print your receipt, see a list of everything you have registered for, and more.


Registering for hotels is a separate registration process. Once you’ve completed your KC2015 general registration, you’ll receive a link in your confirmation e-mail that will allow you to log into the hotel registration system, beginning March 3, 2015.

Please don’t stress about getting your hotel reservation made. We have plenty of rooms available, and we will be providing limited transportation to and from hotels that are located approximately a mile away from the convention center. For more detailed information on each hotel and to access their websites, check out our online lodging listing.

Please make sure your arrival and departure dates are accurate when you make your reservations. You have until May 31, 2015, to make your hotel reservations at the negotiated convention rates. Prior to June 1, lodging reservations must be made through the online housing bureau. Beginning June 1, you will need to contact the hotel directly in order to reserve rooms.

We want your registration process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible! Feel free to contact Carol Epp for assistance at 574-523-3048 or