Martin PicRoger Martin is a member of Peace Mennonite Fellowship in Lawrence, Kansas. 

The pink mennos file into the delegate session silently.  At one point, the moderator of the session invites a spokeswoman to come forward.

She says, “. . . Lives matter to God, and the cries of the marginalized do not go unnoticed. . . . We call upon the Mennonite church to repent, for its harsh and unwelcoming treatment of the sisters and brothers, parents, teachers, leaders, friends, and family among us who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered or queer . . . “

Does the moderator shout “Sister, you are a sinner and the devil’s love child. It’s YOU who must repent!”


Instead he offers this: “I think we . . . trust the documents of our church, and those documents include a commitment to bylaws where we disagree.  There are occasions when we need to stop and do that.  There are times we need to hear a word, as we just did today.  I’d ask us just to reflect, in a period of silence and prayer, on what we heard, about how God’s speaking to us, about marginalization of persons and what God’s speaking to us about God’s word or what God’s speaking to us about God’s will and God’s way that we all may be whole.  Let’s reflect and pray together.”

It’s a show-stopper.  His sincerity in calling for universal humility is obvious.  For a moment, the word “peace” finds its reflection in action.