When you come to convention in Phoenix this year, we don’t want you to just stay in the convention center. We want to give you opportunities to experience life in Arizona, and to learn more about how immigration and migration has shaped this state and still shapes realities in the United States today. There will be many opportunities to learn and engage these issues, including learning experiences and workshops, servant projects with local non-profits, a prayer walk throughout the city, and more.

But perhaps the best opportunity that we can offer you during your time in Arizona, is the opportunity to take a day-long trip to the Arizona-Mexico border with the organization Borderlinks. Based in Tucson, Arizona, the mission of Borderlinks is to provide dynamic and hands-on educational experiences that “…connect divided communities, raise awareness about the impact of border and immigration policies, and inspire action for social transformation.” Each day during convborderlinksention, Monday through Friday, we are offering the chance for 40 individuals to travel to the Arizona-Mexico border with Borderlinks. You’ll have an opportunity to meet and talk with people who live and work at the border on a daily basis, to eat food and fellowship, to visit the border fence and perhaps even talk with border patrol agents about their daily work realities. Each day, one group will actually cross the border and spend some time in Mexico (you’ll need a passport for this trip) and another trip will spend time on the Arizona side of the border. The trip into Mexico is only available for adult participants, but youth groups are welcome (and ENCOURAGED) to sign up for the stateside trip.

We hope you’ll consider taking part in one of these eye-opening tours. For more information, you can visit Borderlinks online. To participate in these trips, you must register ahead of time.