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Sarah Bixler is an MDiv student at Princeton Theological Seminary. She is working with the convention planning team this year as the coordinator for the children and junior youth programs.  Thousands of teenagers raising their arms and voices in worship. Delegates discerning matters of faith ...
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Glen Guyton, senior executive for Mennonite Church USA

Glen Guyton is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Convention Planning for Mennonite Church USA.  I must confess, I love the youth worship experience at our Mennonite Church USA biennial conventions. Being that I was a youth pastor for 17 years before beginning work for the ...
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Bringing a youth group to convention– whether it’s a group of five or 25 youth – can sometimes feel like a daunting undertaking. Obviously we think it’s worth it. Convention is an Anabaptist faith formation experience like none other. But we also want youth leaders to feel prepared and ...
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Worship is the keystone event at convention. Every two years, we come together to be encouraged. We come together to be challenged. We come together to be inspired and energized. We come together to celebrate God in our midst, and to recommit ourselves to following Jesus “on the ...
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    In an effort to promote songwriting among Mennonites in the Untied States, and to broaden the musical spectrum congregationally and communally, Mountain States Mennonite Conference is organizing the first Anabaptist Songwriting Challenge (ASC), which began on March 1-, 2014. ...
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