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Mennos Got Talent

Mennos are full of it … talent that is! We’ve traveled all across the country to our camps, colleges and congregations, or what we affectionately call the “Menno Triple C,” and we have seen talent in all forms. From amazing musicians and vocalists, to creative and ...
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Isabella Gomez

Isabella Gomez was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas right along the border of Mexico, and is currently attending The Science Academy of South Texas. She is planning on studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall to become a bioengineer. Isabella loves science, and ...
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Photo Hannah Kaethler

Hannah was born in Canada and is attending Bethany Christian High School in Indiana. She is a very energetic person and lives life to the fullest. In her free time, Hannah likes playing sports and playing piano and violin. Convention to me, up until this year, was that one week in the summer ...
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Mountain States Mennonite Conference is delighted to announce the three winners of the Anabaptist Songwriting Challenge.  The jury met Feb. 14 and selected (in no particular order): Linda Dalke, “Drawn In, Sent Out” Jeremy Kempf, “True Evangelical Faith” Patrick ...
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Janeen Bertsche Johnson is Campus Pastor and Alumni Director at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. In 1974, my family loaded up the station wagon and drove from central Illinois to St. Catharines, Ontario for the triennial sessions of the General Conference Mennonite Church. On the way ...
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