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Registration for the 2015 convention in Kansas City is now open. This page is your one-stop shop for all things registration related. If you need help planning your youth group budget, check out our handy budget spreadsheet (also available as a printable PDF).

If you need to book a hotel room, you can do so through our Hotel Passkey site.

Please note: Some people have been experiencing difficulties using the RegOnline system in Internet Explorer. If you receive an error message when logging on to the registration system, please try again in another browser (i.e. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). You can also call Carol Epp or Tonya Bartel at 1-866-866-2872. We are working with RegOnline to get this issue resolved and are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. 


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 We are sorry to inform you that the 5K has been cancelled due to permit issues.


Registration steps

  1. To help plan your week, you may want to first check out the overall convention schedule. You can find Registration Instructions here.
  2. Find out which preconvention activities, receptions, special dinners and learning experiences require pre-registration.
  3. Use this worksheet to gather all the information you’ll need when you go online to register.
  4. Complete your online registration here.
  5. Be sure to fill out your medical release form by May 15, 2015. Medical release forms are available here. Once you have completed and signed the form, save it as a pdf (Last_name_first_name_program*) and send your saved copy to Remember to print a copy to give to the contact sponsor (if coming with a junior youth/youth group).

*For example, your form should be named, Doe_Jane_InfantToddler.pdf or Doe_Jane_Youth.pdf or Doe_Jane_JrYouth.pdf, etc. All user data is encrypted using SSL technology, and your information will be secure.

  1. Registration Account Access
    To access your account after each registration follow these steps:
    Click here to Review, change, or update your registration.

    1. Enter your email and password
    2. Click on “manage my account” which will redirect you to the
      sign in page.
    3. Choose “continue” and you will be back to your confirmation
    4. On the confirmation page below the name of the last person you registered, choose the option “add another person.”
    5. Enter the new person’s e-mail address.
    6. Choose the correct registration form from the drop
      down menu.
  2. Lodging
    On February 27, we will e-mail the link to Passkey so you can make your lodging arrangements. Lodging arrangements can be made beginning on Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Lodging options can be found here.
  3. For cancelations, or if you have questions or problems with your registration, contact Carol Epp at or 574-523-3048.


Quick Links

Register here
Inscripción [Español]
Registration Instructions
 (en español)                   
Registration Worksheet
Scholarship Application
Medical Release Form
Tour Registration Form

If you’d like a quick tutorial on using our registration system, check out our helpful video guide.

Also, please note our code of conduct and expectations for all convention attendees. 


Historical Collections Summit

A day-long networking and professional development opportunity
for professionals and volunteers who collect, provide access to, and preserve Mennonite cultural heritage materials. Pre-registration is required. Click here for more information, and here to register.


KC2015 / MWC PA 2015
Rebate Request

To encourage attendance at both the KC2015 convention and the Mennonite World Conference Assembly Gathered in Pennsylvania, there is a rebate available from both organizations. The rebate is available for those who attend both gatherings and have paid in full both the adult registration fees for KC2015 and the “global north” MWC registration fees.

When signing up for the Mennonite Church USA convention, there is a “rebate request form” available online that can be submitted to Mennonite Church USA in order to be eligible to receive the rebate. This is the only request that needs to be submitted by registrants. In August, after both events are complete and payment has been verified for both events, checks will be sent directly to registrants: $50 (USD) from Mennonite Church USA and $50 (USD) from MWC.



Kansas City Pricing Structure

Apr. 30
Apr. 30
Adults $229 (or $68/day) $269 (or $68/day)
Youth $229 (or $68/day) $269 (or $68/day)
Sponsors $219 (or $68/day) $269 (or $68/day)
Jr. Youth/Sponsors* $399 $419
K-5 $150 (or $45/day) No late fee
Preschool $130 (or $35/day) No late fee
Infant/Toddler $10/session No late fee
Evening Child Care $13/session No late fee
Full Meals $220
Lunch/Dinner $170
Lunch $80
Dinner $95
Convention Area Hotels $114/night
Crown Center Hotels $109/night
Hotel details here.
Other Charges
T-Shirts $10
Servant Projects $10
*Junior Youth/Sponsor price includes the full meal plan for the week. There is no daily rate available for Junior Youth/Sponsors.