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Step Up 2021

Youth Delegates at #MennoCon21

We’re excited to once again invite youth ages 16-21 to join the delegate sessions!
  • Congregations may each nominate one youth representative.
  • Conferences and constituency groups may each nominate two youth representatives.

Download this info sheet for those who will appoint youth representatives, for youth who might participate in Step Up, and for the youth sponsors of Step Up reps.

Step Up schedule

Youth delegates will be full participants in the delegate sessions connected to MennoCon21. In delegate sessions on the afternoon of July 10, all delegates will participate in the online business session facilitated by the moderators of Mennonite Church USA. Youth delegates need not attend any part of the in-person convention taking place in Cincinnati July 6-9. 

Step Up is the program designed for youth to connect with each other and to prepare for their delegate role. These activities are called the “Step Up” program. Brook Musselman is the Step Up coordinator. He can be reached at

Registering as Step Up participants

When youth sponsors register their group online, they will be able to designate one of the youth as a youth delegate and whether they are a Congregational Youth Delegate, Conference Youth Delegate or a Constituency Group Youth Delegate. As part of the registration process, they will also want to select that they will attend as a Step Up participant. After they are registered as part of the Step Up program, they will receive additional information about the program from the facilitators. If youth are chosen as representatives after their online registration is complete, their sponsors should email with the name of the youth and the name of the congregation, conference or constituency group s/he will represent.  

Here’s what youth had to say about Step Up in the past

“I would say that 100 percent Step Up has been amazing. I just had an awesome table. Everyone was so welcoming and nice, and they really valued my opinion. I would really recommend this program to anyone, especially those who are interested in what the delegates do. I hope I can take part in it in the future.”

“I am really so honored and so excited to be part of Step Up. I thought my opinions were valued, and I really enjoyed how the table wanted me to speak. I felt like we were all valued, and I was really happy about that. It’s important that we be involved in the church at a young age because we are the future and we will make the decisions in the future.”

“It was just a great learning experience. I felt like I was really able to connect with the other people at the table. I felt like they valued my opinions, which was gratifying—I was worried that as a youth I might be discounted somewhat but I think that they were very receptive towards my thoughts.”

“I greatly enjoyed getting the perspective of the adults. I was able to get a better understanding of where other congregations and other conferences are coming from. Previously, I didn’t really know as many people from other parts of the church as I do now.”